The sync with Evernote has stopped working!


Please check in your Evernote account, in the Gneo Stack, if there are any notes which have had the note field duplicated. Or if there are some notes which have a lot of HTML text in them.

We have found that if there is a note which is very large then Evernote times out the sync and the sync may not work. 

To resolve this please follow these steps: 
- Log out of Evernote on your iPhone/iPad 
- Delete the text from these tasks identified above on both Evernote and Gneo 
- Delete and reinstall Gneo on your device(s) from the App Store 
- Re-sign in to Gneo and then re-sign in to Evernote 
- Wait for Gneo to sync with Evernote

If this doesn’t help please drop us an email.



Following up (April 25th, 2014)

We sometimes get asked this questions, why does Gneo duplicate Note content?

While syncing Evernote have you ever got the following message: "1 note conflict during sync"?

This approach is not for us, instead we decided to gracefully merge note content where possible. On Cloud Gneo this works fine, however while syncing with Evernote this is not working as expected. In some cases notes are duplicating in error and are becoming far too big. Evernote's servers sometimes don't allow these notes to sync resulting in a very slow or failed sync. 

To fix this we are removing note duplication in an upcoming build. 

Once this build is available after you perform the above steps you should no longer have duplicate notes. 






Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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