Re-set up of Gneo & Evernote

There are some situations where you may want to re-set up your Gneo account from scratch. 

These reasons could be: 

  • You have deleted the Gneo Stack on Evernote and Gneo is no longer syncing with Evernote 
  • You have a notebook called 'Inbox copy' and want to get rid of this. 
  • You have duplicated notebooks on Gneo and want to resolve this

In these situations, please follow these steps. If you need any further help, please contact us 

  1. Ensure that your tasks from Gneo are synced to Evernote 
  2. Delete your Gneo account by going to Settings > Cloud Gneo, tap on this and Delete account. 
  3. In Evernote, create a temporary notebook called 'Gneo Temp'. 
  4. In order to move your notes into the correct notebook after re-syncing Gneo, tag your notes with the name of the notebook they belong to and then move your notes from all notebooks in the Gneo Stack into the Gneo Temp notebook. Now, fully delete any notebooks in the Gneo Stack so that the Gneo Stack is removed completely.
  5. Sync Evernote if you are using a Mac/Windows app to ensure the changes are synced.
  6. Delete Gneo from your device and re-download from the App Store. 
  7. Create a new Cloud Gneo account with a new or the same email address. 
  8. When you sign in the Gneo, the Gneo Bootcamp and Inbox folders will be created again. You can deleted the Gneo Bootcamp notebook if you wish.
  9. Sign in to your Evernote account from Gneo. 
  10. On Evernote, the Gneo Stack will be re-created and you will be able to start syncing your Gneo and Evernote accounts.  
  11. Create the notebooks which you deleted in step 3 again, either on Evernote within the Gneo Stack or Gneo. 
  12. On Evernote, move your notes from Gneo Temp into the relevant notebook in the Gneo Stack - please note, do not move the entire Gneo Temp notebook into the Gneo Stack as the notes will not sync to Gneo. You can use the tags you created in step 3 to help you identify which notebooks the notes should be assigned to.


Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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