What's new in v1.0.4 - Monday Nov 25th 2013

In this release we have made some tweaks and fixed some bugs

The Tweaks:
- Completed tasks are no longer counted in the notebook view or badge icon
- We added a sync indicator
- Intuitive language recognition has been updated - Date & Time text now stays visible

The Bugs
- Monthly & yearly repeats are now working
- Badge icon is updating after a background sync
- Offline sync is working
- Reminders are no longer alerting for completed tasks
- Evernote people, completing a task from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Windows Evernote app is now completing on Gneo (Remember to complete the checkmark, not the “Reminder"

Thanks to Sara Schertz, Patrik Algotsson, David Chang, Aaron Scott, Patrick Vroonland & Michael Kolberm for your sharp eye and helping us to troubleshoot these bugs.

An option to filter Calendars in the Forecast View in on the way soon along with an updated logic for repeat reminders.

Thank you all for your amazing support.

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Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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