How to email To-Dos directly into Gneo.

Please note, in order to use this feature you will need to sync Gneo with Evernote. It’s free to set up an Evernote account so if you don’t have one yet you can sign up here.
Scenario… you’re at your desk and think of something you need to remember.
Solution: Rather than reaching for your iPhone/iPad you can send an email with your To-Do that will go straight into Gneo!. Your To-Do will go directly into the notebook and priority required.
Evernote provides all accounts with an email address, if you don’t know what your Evernote email address is, take a look in the Account Summary section in Settings in Evernote.
In the ‘To’ field of the email, add your Evernote email address.
In the ‘Subject’ field, write the To-Do title followed by the name of the Notebook you want the To-Do to be added to using an ‘@’ symbol to identify the Notebook, for example: ‘Remember to buy travel insurance @Vacation’. The To-Do ‘Remember to buy travel insurance’ will be added to your Notebook called ‘Vacation’.

Note: The Notebook must be within the Gneo stack on Evernote. 
You can also set a reminder for the task. A reminder can be added by using the "!" symbol. For example, you want to set a reminder for when to buy your travel insurance, it might look like this: ‘Remember to buy travel insurance !2015/12/25 @Vacation’.
In the ‘Subject’ field, add the tags for the quadrant which the To-Do should be added to using ‘#’s before each tag, for example: #urgent #important 
Note: If you don’t add the ‘#’s your To-Do will be saved in the ‘Not Urgent’ ‘Not Important’ quadrant by default.
Lastly, if you want to add further detail to the To-Do, just add this to the main body of the email. Notes in the body of your email will be seen in the Notes field in Gneo.
Click send, sync Gneo with Evernote and your To-Do will appear in your app, Simple!


Evernote have a blog post that explains this in a little more detail, you can take a look here. 


Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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