What are Smart Notebooks?

Smart notebooks help you work even smarter! Think of Smart notebooks as 'virtual notebooks' - a way to intelligently filter your to-dos across multiple notebooks. You can filter to-dos by Notebooks, Tags, Reminder dates, and Status, e.g. Completed or Follow-up. 

Please note, tasks will always reside in a regular Notebook and can then be viewed in many Smart Notebooks. 
For example, you may want to create a Smart notebook for your project today of all of the items you have to get done by tomorrow. This will enable you to prioritise and focus on getting just those things done for tomorrow. 

To create a Smart Notebook, click on the Notebook icon on the bottom right, and click the 'Smart' checkbox. From here you can select how what you would like to include in your Smart Notebook from Notebooks, Tags, Reminder dates, and Status. 

Smart Notebooks are 'Virtual' notebooks where your tasks will appear in addition to the Notebook they are saved in. 

More about Smart Notebooks in our how to video here and our blog post here.

Please note, Smart Notebooks do not sync with Evernote. 


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