Syncing with Evernote - In the detail

A lot of people have asked 'How does Gneo sync with Evernote?'. I want to take this opportunity to detail the technicalities in a clear, and hopefully understandable, way.
First off, When you sign up for a Gneo account, all tasks are synced to Cloud Gneo. Cloud Gneo syncs faster than Evernote as we have optimiszed our service for Gneo. We sync with Evernote using their open API (application programming interface - don't worry I won't use technical jargon again!), this is the same API they use for all their apps. 
When you connect to Evernote from Gneo any Notebooks and Tasks within Gneo are synced to Evernote under an Evernote Notebook stack called Gneo. We decided to use a stack as visually it is a very clear and simple way to understand what information you are syncing to/from Evernote. For most people this is really clear. 
During this first sync Gneo creates all the relevant Notebooks and then the Tasks. (I will talk about this step in detail in a moment as it is very important)
Any Notebooks or Notes you add to the Gneo stack on Evernote will sync to Gneo and then to the Gneo Cloud. This is a necessary step as we cannot store certain information on Evernote such as Follow-Up status or the position a tasks has within a list etc and therefore we have to store this in Cloud Gneo. (Note: Gneo allows for manual sorting whereas Evernote does not).
Now, back to the details. As I mentioned above, syncing with Cloud Gneo is faster than with Evernote. Pulling to refresh constantly does not speed up the sync with Evernote and in fact if may cause a problem. 
I mentioned above that Gneo has to create a Notebook first and then the Note within a given Notebook. What if while syncing you lost connection for a split second or Evernote's servers asked Gneo to hold for a split second, the Notebook met be queued to sync and in a holding pattern, similar to coming into land on a plane, but the Note has been given the okay. Evernote only allow us to save a Note to a Notebook so Gneo has to do some fancy magic to put everything back in order and sync everything to Evernote in the order you expect. Pulling to refresh again while this is in progress would actually complicate matters. 
Please be assured that your Notebooks and Notes will sync to/from Evernote but sometimes a little time is required.
Okay, I understand this, what else do I need to understand?
Unlike iCloud, Evernote works a little differently. iCloud 'pushes' data (tasks, emails etc) to your iPhone/iPad however with Evernote you need to 'pull' in that information. Gneo does this for you each time you open the app, and again it is important to give Evernote and Gneo a little time to talk to each other and bring in your tasks - 2 or 3 seconds is usually plenty, if fact split seconds is often plenty but in some cases 2 or 3 seconds if required. If you want to manually 'pull' in the Evernote data, you can pull to refresh from the LIst view on Gneo.
A note on Evernote Reminders and why completing an Evernote Reminder may not sync to Gneo
You guys probably know lots about Evernote Reminders so I won't go into the details however, to clarify, Evernote Reminders has 3 features in 1 and Gneo syncs with 1 of these, the "Reminder" time and day or 'alert' element and not the task elements. 
Therefore, tapping the completed checkmark within a "Reminder" (task) on Evernote will not mark that task/note as completed with Gneo. In order to mark a task/note as completed you need to check the checkbox within the Note field of the Note.
Okay, I've read this but things are still not syncing with Evernote - what went wrong?
If Gneo and Evernote are not in sync the first thing to do is 
1) Sync Evernote from their web, desktop or mobile app
2) Wait for a few seconds (and now you know why!)
3) Pull to refresh on Gneo
If this is not working press the Reset Gneo button within Settings on Gneo, wait a few seconds and then pull to refresh. This should bring everything back in line. If it doesn't please drop us an email or submit a problem here. 


Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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