How does Gneo work with Evernote?


If you use Evernote, you may find it useful to sync Gneo with your Evernote account. This is useful both for keeping track of your todos on Evernote and for adding and editing your Gneo to-dos online.

It's really simple. Once you have signed into your Evernote account from Gneo, Gneo will automatically keep your Evernote account and your Cloud Gneo account in sync! 

Gneo creates a Stack or Sub Folder Group underneath a header called 'Gneo' in Evernote. This separates your Gneo Notebooks from the rest of your Evernote account. 
Gneo Notebooks correspond to Evernote notebooks. 
Smart Notebooks in Gneo will not sync to Evernote. Think of smart notebooks as a quick and easy way to filter and organise your tasks or Evernote note across multiple notebooks.
Gneo syncs Evernote notes, files, tags and reminders.
Any note you add on Evernote within the Gneo stack will sync to Gneo and any task you add to Gneo will sync to the corresponding notebook in Evernote. 
A Gneo task corresponds to an Evernote note.
With reminders, you can add a reminder time either on Gneo or on Evernote and it will sync to the other. A quick way to add a reminder to Gneo is simply by typing the day and time into the task name on Gneo and a reminder will be created for you - very neat!
For a more detailed look at how Gneo and Evernote sync, please see our how to video here.


Always check the FAQs before submitting your problem. If you still cannot find the answer, try asking your fellow Gneo users. They are incredibly helpful.

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